Re: undefined value as a symbol error in

Date: Wed 17 Dec 2003 - 10:34:32 GMT

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    This is probably caused by an incompatible version of perl. The following
    was published earlier on the list:



    Recent versions of Perl (e.g. those distributed with RedHat 8 and
    RedHat 9) include native support for Unicode, including UTF-8
    encoded strings and input files.

    This has changed the default semantics of many operations used by
    the Anomy Sanitizer and may also effect how the Anomy source files
    themselves (which contain 8-bit characters) are interpreted by Perl.

    In order to avoid this behavior, it's necessary to modify the "LANG"
    environment variable before running the Sanitizer. It is also
    recommended that the "LC_ALL" variable be explicitly set as well.

    In bash syntax, the modification should be as follows:

      export LC_ALL=C
      export LANG=en_US

    From within a procmailrc file, the following lines should suffice:



    BTW RedHat are ceasing support in 2004 & seeking to migrate everyone on to
    Enterprise ($15/m min)or Fedora (unstable). Are you wise to commit to RH at
    this stage? Many server cos are recommending FreeBSD.

    Oliver Tickell.

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    I've been running anomy for the better part of a year. I've got a production
    and a test server set up. Recently I lost the harddrive on my production
    server, so I put the test server in it's place and life is fine. Except, I
    need to rebuild the production server.

    Both servers were running Redhat 8.0. I decided to go with RH9 when I
    started to rebuild the new server.

    So, I set everything up on RH9, copied all my configs over from the test
    server and I'm getting the following error in /var/log/anomy:

    Can't use an undefined value as a symbol reference at
    /usr/local/anomy/bin/Anomy/ line 1064.

    I'm not much of a programmer, I'm hoping someone will have an idea as to
    what might be causing this?


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