message for defanged attachments?

From: henry j. mason (
Date: Tue 09 Dec 2003 - 19:00:19 GMT

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            Hi all;

            For starters, I love the Anomy sanitizer. It's a great tool,
            and has been protecting some pretty large desktops for me
            in tandem with Spamassassin.

            However, I have a question that I'd like to ask before digging
            into the code. There are hooks provided in the standard config
            for modifying the messages inserted when files are dropped
            or saved. Is there a similar facility for files that are defanged?
            This is an issue because almost all my users use Outlook, and
            in it's infinite wisdom it happily displays text attachments
            inline with the original message - and so far I have been attaching
            the standard log inline (feat_log_inline = 1). However, this log
            is just incomprehensible to my end users, even those at my own
            company. I guess it's format is just too technical for those who
            don't ever touch the insides of their machines, or code at all.
            So, I'd like to disable it, but then the problem remains that
            files can get defanged with no warning to the user. They end up
            with a file they can't double click on, and nothing to tell them
            what to do.

            So - if Anomy sanitizer defangs, I need it to insert a nice
            friendly message that informs the user and tells them what to do,
            even if it's just to call me :) The messages it inserts when
            saving/dropping are very nice. Is it able to do that from the
            config file? Or should I roll up my sleeves and dive into the
            perl? Anyone?


            Henry Mason

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