Re: The QP encoding issue - again!

From: Dustin Puryear (
Date: Mon 01 Dec 2003 - 22:09:02 GMT

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    > Since Windows is the most common (and quite possibly also the OS
    > with the most brain damaged mail clients), switching Anomy to Windows
    > newline conventions internally will decrease breakage quite a bit.

    How exactly can we do this? Was I getting close to this solution from my
    original post where I listed the modifications we tried? Any help at this
    point would be GREATLY appreciated.

    I am getting steady reports of broken PDF files..

    > I may also add logic to try and detect the operating system of the
    > mail sender from message headers, to automatically guess when to
    > use Mac or Unix newline conventions instead... I'm not sure. But
    > this all boils down to guesswork and making the best of a bad
    > situation - the only real solution is to get people to upgrade to
    > proper mail clients which don't QP encode binaries.
    > > Anyway, I would love to see this code and the release that uses it. Good
    > > work and thanks!
    > I'll do my best to make it available as soon as possible. :)

    Please do. Even if your solution is specific to Windows environments that
    would be great.

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