temporary failure. Command output

From: B. van Burk (
Date: Thu 27 Nov 2003 - 09:55:38 GMT

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    Hi there,

    I sometimes have recieving mail staying in my postfix que, for example:
    0F768180032 63614 Mon Nov 24 14:44:36
    (temporary failure. Command output: Sanitizer (start="1069922822"):

    Very scary, but fortunately such a message gets delivered within an hour
    or so, but last week after staying in que for 5 days one message got
    bounced to the original sender. The sender says he used outlook express

    For completion I'll attach the recieved message I got from him:

    I begin to suspect that it only involves some (new) microsoft clients
    sending html emails.

    At this moment the following 2 messages are stuck in que : mailq.txt

    the setup is using postfix 2.0-16, maildrop 1.6.2, anomy-sanitizer 1.63,
    spamassassin 2.60. And we are using maildir style mailboxes.

    I hope someone can help me :)

    kind regards
    Barrie van Burk


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