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Date: Sun 23 Nov 2003 - 17:24:50 GMT

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       Ok, here's how I see how the .clean thing works (not in exactly this
       order, but . . .)

       When you get an email destined for the domain that you set up for
       Anomy, a .clean is appended to the address, and the sanitizer is used
       as the delivery agent.

       Anomy gets and cleans the message, and returns it to sendmail to be
       delivered to the .clean address. Sendmail then uses the second rule
       to strip the .clean, and deliver it locally (or wherever it should

       Since .clean is not a TLD (and is normally non-deliverable), this is a
       simple and elegant method to separate messages that have and have not
       been sanitized.

       On my (working) system, if a message is sent to a non-existant user,
       then I get the same type of bounce that you described below (with the

       Tha! t's because with the sanitizer, every message you get is really
       two messages.

       First its received, and delivered to the sanitizer, and then its
       re-sent by the Sanitizer, and relayed through localhost, to the

       The first message was destined for the actual email address, but WAS
       delivered to the sanitizer, which accepted it, so it did not bounce.
       The message sent by the sanitizer was then sent to the .clean
       address. Now, sendmail should have a rule to strip the .clean for
       delivery, but if the user does not exist (or maybe that rule), then
       the bounce gets the original destination address in it (with the

       Now, if the destination address really does exist (i.e. its
       deliverable, without the .clean), then you have another problem.

       Is it possible there is a typo in the rules you put into!

       Take a look at the lines:
       R$* < @ $+ .CLEAN. > $* $1<@$2.>$3
       R$* < @ $+ .CLEAN > $* $1<@$2.>$3

       You should probably have both, and there needs to be a tab character
       between the "$*", and the "$1". Spaces will not do.

       No, you don't want to label the .clean as a local domain. The rule:
       R$* < @ $=w . > $* $#sanitize [1]$@anomy $:$1<@$2.CLEAN.>$3

       already kinda does that, by sending mail destined to the $w domains to
       the "sanitize" delivery agent.

       BTW, you can change this line if you like, to sanitize mail to domains
       destined to a separate variable from $w.

       I do this on one mail server, which has several local domains, and
       also acts as a relay ! for some other domains of mine. I want those
       relayed domains sanitized as well, so I created an anomy variable,
       which has $w in it, as well as the other domains I want to sanitize.

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       Hello Bjarni and you all.
       Thank you very much for the reply. Ill check out the FProt package. Wo
       f-prot remembers my my BBS years. Os/2, Remote Acces, pascal coding, h
       e! he...
       great times :]
       I have installed Anomy in a server for testing, and faced an problem.
       When I
       send a message to someone in the sanitized domain, it gets back to me
       550 Host Unknown. Just like:
       - I send email to
       - I receive a messa saying that does not e
       I see that the .clean is added in one of those rules that I do not fu
       understant (those that were put in Maybe im missing some
       like telling sendmail that is a local dom!
       ain that
       should be forwarded to Or something else?
       I appreciate your support. Thank you.
       Carlos Eduardo Vianna
       SouthTech TI
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    > > Hello!
    > >
    > > Is there commercial support available?
    > If you&nbs!
       p;buy the F-Prot Antivirus mail server package for one of the
    > *nix operating systems, Anomy is included along with some docs and
    > helper scripts. FRISK Software (makes of F-Prot and my employers)
    > will provide commercial tech support for that bundle, the Anomy
    > stuff included.
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