Re: The QP encoding issue - again!

From: Dustin Puryear (
Date: Tue 11 Nov 2003 - 04:02:30 GMT

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    Precisely. Because binary files, i.e., a PDF, is being encoded using QP
    encoding Anomy is garbling them. (Not that Anomy is buggy. It's the mail
    clients that are buggy.) If you hit the Anomy archives you will understand
    the problem.

    The actual plan right now is to either undo the changes made by Anomy, or to
    simply stop Anomy from making the changes in the first place. I'm simply
    hoping someone has already modified and tested these changes in Anomy.

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    > Umm - aren't PDF files binary? Simply converting LF to CRLF would
    > royally screw up these files... like in places where there is supposed
    > to be a 0x0A byte without a preceeding 0x0D byte.
    > Dustin Puryear wrote:
    > >I'm glad you mentioned that. That is actually the plan of attack that we
    > >decided on, but for some reason I didn't list it. If someone has already
    > >done this then let us know. I would hate to reproduce the effort. Thanks!
    > >
    > >Reports suggest that this happens mostly with some graphics files and
    > >Anyone have experience with this on other files?
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