Re: The QP encoding issue - again!

From: Marvin Herbold (
Date: Tue 11 Nov 2003 - 01:52:49 GMT

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    Umm - aren't PDF files binary? Simply converting LF to CRLF would
    royally screw up these files... like in places where there is supposed
    to be a 0x0A byte without a preceeding 0x0D byte.

    Dustin Puryear wrote:

    >I'm glad you mentioned that. That is actually the plan of attack that we
    >decided on, but for some reason I didn't list it. If someone has already
    >done this then let us know. I would hate to reproduce the effort. Thanks!
    >Reports suggest that this happens mostly with some graphics files and PDFs.
    >Anyone have experience with this on other files?

    Marvin Herbold

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