may problems with special characters (German Umlaute) in header ' from:'?

From: Vauseweh, Jan (
Date: Fri 07 Nov 2003 - 12:33:44 GMT

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    preface: I am currently not using Sanitizer.

    A User of our Mail-System (Exchange 5.5 / Outlook 2000) has Problems from
    time to time with special charakters in his Name (German Umlaute, äöü for
    example), especially sending mails to one domain (the mailadmin *is* using
    Sanitizer, v. 1.54 -- the current version should be v 1.78 -->

    In my oppinion it is not the fault of Exchange / Outlook in this special
    case (many other Problems *are* caused by Exchange / Outlook).

    Now my Question:
    Is it possible that Sanitizer is rewriting the from-header that way, that
    Mail-Clients could not parse *and* display the quoted printable encoded

    As workaround I've changed the display name from "Müller" to "Mueller" but
    we still have many "Müller" and "Schröder" and this kind of names here in
    Germany :)



    Sanatizer Log from a Mail :

    Sanitizer (start="1068124952"):
      ParseHeader ():
        Using =?iso-8859-1?Q?=22K=F6hn=2C_Rickmer=22?=
    <> as reply-to address.
        Using <> as errors address.
        Got MIME info: boundary="", charset="iso-8859-1", disposition="inline",
    encoding="quoted-printable", type="text/plain"

      Finished parsing message header.
      Parsing body as text/*
      SanitizeFile (filename="unnamed.txt", mimetype="text/plain"):
        Rule 1: unnamed.txt =~
        Rule 2: unnamed.txt =~
        Match (rule="2"):
          Enforced policy: accept

      Writer (pos="685"):
        Set MIME info to: boundary="", charset="iso-8859-1",
    disposition="inline", encoding="quoted-printable", type="text/plain"

    Anomy 0.0.0 :
    $Id:,v 1.54 2002/02/15 16:59:07 bre Exp $


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