Re: Bounce on Attachment Type

From: B. van Burk (
Date: Thu 06 Nov 2003 - 01:13:29 GMT

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    Hi Marvin, I was thinking the same thing today: it's really a bad idea.

    I'm now thinking of
    - allways dropping the entire message if it contains : .pif .ocx etc (with
    a note to syslog)
    - virus check attachments (.exe .com .doc etc) and drop attachment if it
    contains a virus, and then bounce back to the (probably faked) original
    sender, with a note attached clearly explaining why he/she recieves this

    thanks for responding,

    > I wouldn't do this - in case of a virus the "from" address would most
    > likely be spoofed - thus you'd be bouncing email back to somebody who
    > didn't send it. And if you bounce the entire email back (including
    > attachments) to a server that does the same thing you're trying to do,
    > you'll end up with email bouncing back and forth. Or worse, if you
    > bounce the email back to someone who didn't send it in the first place,
    > you're just spreading the virus further. :-\
    > If you're trying to simply send a text email such as "sorry, this server
    > does not accept certain types of attachments" back then this would
    > probably be more acceptable and I am sure it can be done, although I
    > don't know how.
    > B. van Burk wrote:
    >>I'd like to bounce email (back to the sender 5.7.1) based upon attachment
    >>type. (.pif .dll .vbs) etc. Is this possible (to implement)?
    >>Kind regards,

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