Re: Bounce on Attachment Type

From: Marvin Herbold (
Date: Thu 06 Nov 2003 - 00:30:54 GMT

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    I wouldn't do this - in case of a virus the "from" address would most
    likely be spoofed - thus you'd be bouncing email back to somebody who
    didn't send it. And if you bounce the entire email back (including
    attachments) to a server that does the same thing you're trying to do,
    you'll end up with email bouncing back and forth. Or worse, if you
    bounce the email back to someone who didn't send it in the first place,
    you're just spreading the virus further. :-\

    If you're trying to simply send a text email such as "sorry, this server
    does not accept certain types of attachments" back then this would
    probably be more acceptable and I am sure it can be done, although I
    don't know how.

    B. van Burk wrote:

    >I'd like to bounce email (back to the sender 5.7.1) based upon attachment
    >type. (.pif .dll .vbs) etc. Is this possible (to implement)?
    >Kind regards,

    Marvin Herbold

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