Re: Inline Logging Won't Quit

From: Ray Ramos (
Date: Wed 05 Nov 2003 - 21:56:23 GMT

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    Eric Robinson wrote:

    > I like sanitizer, but my users are beginning to complain because most
    > messages contain the following information at the bottom:
    <snip of inline_log output>

        According to the docs the following line in the config is supposed
    to stop that (to my understanding anyway)
    feat_log_inline = 0
        I think the reason you get the error so frequently is some mail
    clients send email in HTML format with a text version attached just in
    case the recipient doesn't have an HTML reader.That's where the
    unnamed.txt file is coming from AFAIK.
        Despite my feeling that HTML is evil
    ( ), people use
    it. So I made a sanitizer config file that allows both html email and
    the bizarro html+text emails without making those inline log entries
    that spook some users.
        I did not do this by changing feat_log_inline but by making
    feat_html =0 and adding html to file_list_2. There may be a cleaner
    solution to this but this is how I got rid of inline messages for my
    users wanting untouched html email.
        If you'd like a copy of my config let me know and I'll send it your
    way. Just remember that allowing html email really does pose a greater
    risk to users. I highly recommend using a scanner if you choose to allow
    html mail, or at least warn your users before giving them the choice.
    Remember one of sanitizer's strengths is being able to set user level
    configs instead of just system wide defaults.

    Hope this helps,
    Ray Ramos

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