problems with sanitizer blocking on mail scanning

From: V. Weck (
Date: Thu 23 Oct 2003 - 19:32:28 GMT

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    i recently had a couple of problems with blocking sanitizer processes,
    meaning that they accepted a message on stdin (from another program) but
    somehow didn't finish properly.
    this led to exim and sanitizer processes being blocked and effectively
    stoped the corresponding emails from being delivered.
    unfortunatly those emails were lost so i am unable to check if they
    had any similarities.
    however most of the time everything works flawlessly (i'd say it only fails
    for about 0,1% of the emails).

    my setup might be a little different from most others as i am using a self
    anti-spam parsing script which is called by procmail and calls sanitizer in
    sanitizer uses the antivir virus checker.
    so it looks like this:
    exim -> procmail -> own perl script -> sanitizer -> antivir

    the problematic emails do pass all stages and end in sanitizer, meaning the
    virus scanner is never called (or at least does not create it's usual log entry
    and isn't visible in the ps output).

    this might well be caused by some other problems and i will continue to
    look into
    the matter, but i wanted to ask if someone might have encountered such problems
    with sanitizer before.


    v. weck

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