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From: Yancey B. Jones (
Date: Wed 08 Oct 2003 - 14:13:09 GMT

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    > You cannot protect everyone from everything... people have to
    > have some form of responsibility and accountability.
    > Besides, you can just say: GET AN ANTIVIRUS!!!! they cost 30
    > BUCKS! WTF, OMG, LOL!!11!!111!(ok i could of left that
    > reference to AOL out, but i wont)
    > -Brent

    I can't resist chiming in here. We have a client who brought their computer
    in to have some viruses removed. After spending a couple of hours removing
    several viruses, we had it all cleaned up and we reccomended AV software for
    them. Of course they didn't want to buy it from us, they wanted to get it
    from some big chain like BestBuy (they thought it would be cheaper or
    something). Needless to say they never went to BestBuy to get it either. Two
    days later it was back in our shop because they got another infection. They
    bought the AV this time. Close to $300 worth of labor to save an initial

    As for AV for email, I use Vexira Mail Armor from Central Command (not free)
    in addition to Anomy for one of my clients. The AV doesn't get much of a
    work out because Anomy removes just about everything that could be a virus.
    Mail Armor cathes those that have been renamed, reside in ZIP or macros and
    it runs a cron job to download any updates.


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