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Date: Mon 06 Oct 2003 - 04:49:21 GMT

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    You cannot protect everyone from everything... people have to have some form
    of responsibility and accountability.

    Besides, you can just say: GET AN ANTIVIRUS!!!! they cost 30 BUCKS! WTF,
    OMG, LOL!!11!!111!(ok i could of left that reference to AOL out, but i wont)


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    On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, Brent Kennedy wrote:

    > yea I see your point about the church flyers but do they really send them
    > out in executable format?
    > I imagine you could actually pick which files for the program to look for.
    > See I am not a programmer, so anything is possible to me :)

            Yeah, that's not a bad idea, if you restrict yourself to actual
    executables. But you still have Word Macro viruses and the like.

    > HeHe, I guess I am spoiled, I run my own shops and the people I work with,
    > well they don't have a clue, so they just do what I say. Sad huh?


    > oh how I love installing stuff into a production server on Sunday night.

            Really? I do it at noon :).

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