sanitizer 1.63 questions and problems

From: Jim Breton (
Date: Fri 03 Oct 2003 - 18:25:10 GMT

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    Hi folks. I'm using this software on a FreeBSD 4.8 system with Postfix.
    Mail is delivered through SpamAssassin first, and then through the
    sanitizer, using procmail and a Postfix content_filter like so:

    * < 196609
    | /usr/local/bin/spamc -s 131072 -U /home/spamd/spamd.sock -u "$RECIPIENT"

    * < 2097153
    | $ANOMY/bin/ /usr/local/etc/sanitizer.cfg

    ! "$@"

    First I have a feature request: would it be possible for the sanitizer to
    add a header to the mail which indicates that some modifications were
    made? That would be easier than making procmail grep the body for these
    indications, in case we wanted to do something with "sanitized" mails.
    For example, suppose I wanted to send myself a copy of all modified mails
    to make sure the sanitizer is working properly. It would be very nice if
    I could simply do this in my procmailrc:

    * ^X-Anomy-Sanitized: YES
    ! -f "$SENDER" jimb

    Next thing I want to ask: is it possible to have more fine-grained control
    over the length-checking feature without modifying the Perl code? I have
    a user who is complaining that his mails (generated by MS Outlook) are
    triggering the length splitter on the Date: header. I'm not sure why yet
    as I have not seen any of his unmodified mails, but it would be nice to be
    able to turn off the checks on the Date: header and still check the other
    header lengths.

    And finally, related to the above issue: the sanitizer seems to not honor
    its command-line arguments sometimes. Has anyone else seen this? As you
    can see from my procmail recipe above, I call it like this: /usr/local/etc/sanitizer.cfg

    Now, the problem I have is that I have set "feat_lengths = 0" in
    sanitizer.cfg, yet SOME of the mails (from this same user) -- not all --
    continue to have the Date: header split. And besides this, I have
    appended some extra text to the "msg_log_prefix" in the .cfg file, and
    SOME of the mails -- the same ones that still split the Date: header -- do
    NOT show this text, but instead show the default text. So it would appear
    that occasionally my entire config file is not being read. Any ideas why
    this could happen?



    Jim B.

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