Re: swen virus

From: Rick Johnson (
Date: Wed 01 Oct 2003 - 23:08:38 GMT

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    Systems Administrator wrote:
    >> just ripping out executables takes care of Swen.
    >> this is a highly recommended configuration, anyway;
    >> there's really no reason to let any executables
    >> through, period. yes, some of your users may be
    > 1. You're an ISP, and your customers will go elsewhere if you rip out
    > executables

    Most ISP's wouldn't be running *anything* on their customer's mail to
    sanitize it. They may go as far as virus checking, but they wouldn't defang
    MIME or HTML tags.

    > 2. You have an attached computer shop, and can make more money
    > selling people an antivirus solution :).

    That still doesn't address the argument whether EXE's should be dropped or
    not. We AV scan *and* quarantine EXE's (and BAT/VBS/etc.). Once they've been
    checked, if they're super critical, they'll be delivered within a ZIP file
    on an as-needed basis.


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