Re: swen virus

From: henry j. mason (
Date: Tue 30 Sep 2003 - 12:20:06 GMT

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            just ripping out executables takes care of Swen.
            this is a highly recommended configuration, anyway;
            there's really no reason to let any executables
            through, period. yes, some of your users may be
            used to attaching executables to their messages,
            but they're just going to have to learn how to
            either use a compression program or to rename their
            files so they can't be automatically executed. it's
            funny, but i've never gotten a single complaint
            about executables being just plain dropped from a
            message (i save them on the server where anomy is
            running, where they can do no harm). i think most
            people understand that it's a security risk.

            short answer: yes, and very well. you don't even
            need an AV program (i'm not a fan of reactive
            defense anyway).


    Adam Kosmin wrote:
    > Hello list,
    > Can anomy be used to protect against SWEN? If so, I'd appreciate any
    > tips or discussion.
    > Thanks,
    > Adam Kosmin

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