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Date: Tue 30 Sep 2003 - 07:24:25 GMT

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    On 29 Sep 2003, Derek Morris wrote:

    > Adam,
    > Rather than creating rules specific to a particular virus, anomy can
    > call an external virus program for identification. Once a virus is
    > identified then anomy can be used to remove it from the message,
    > quarantine it, warn the user, or some other action.
    > It is also used to enforce policies like not allowing executable files,
    > not wasting time scanning known safe file types, etc.

            Incidentally there are some Open Source Virus Scanners out there,
    or Anomy can be used with commercial ones. There's an example file
    somewhere (comes with Anomy, I think) which has examples of how to include
    most common virus scanners; that would probably be a good spot to start
    looking for them. The only FOSS one which springs to mind is ClamAV, but
    I know there is also at least one other.


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