Anomy randomly eating mail

From: Eric Wieling (
Date: Thu 25 Sep 2003 - 01:30:50 GMT

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    Anomy seems to eat the body of some messages. Attached is a message
    that it eats.

    Does anyone have any idea about what's causing this and how to fix it?
    I'm using $Id:,v 1.79 2003/06/19 19:22:00 bre Exp $ and
    v5.8.0 with patch MAINT18379 which is the Perl distrubited on this
    RedHat 9 + updates box.

    A copy of the message is at in
    case the mailing list doesn't allow attachments.

    Sample configs and more:

    BTEL Consulting +1-850-484-4535 x2111 (Pensacola) +1-504-595-3916 x2111 (New Orleans) +1-877-677-9643 x2111 (Toll Free)

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