Just an idea for handling tnef

From: ja_szucs (
Date: Thu 18 Sep 2003 - 04:57:10 GMT

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    I have an idea for simple handling of tnef for those who use procmail.

    What if winmail.dat would be converted to zip?

    I have not tried yet, but I think it could be done easily this way:

    1. Using procmail, filter the mail body through sed, and replace any mime
    type from application/tnef to application/zip and any filename from
    winmail.dat to
      The procmail filter rules could be like this:
    :0fw B
    * name=.*winmail\.dat
    :0fw B
    | sed 's!winmail\.dat!!g'
    :0fw B
    | sed 's!application\/ms.tnef\.dat!application\/zip!g'

    2. Setup a file_list rule for files in sanitizer.cfg, that
    passes these file through a very simple tnef2zip script, which actually
    does the conversion to zip. The script has not more than 5 lines (most of
    which are variable assignments :-) ), and it only calls the unix tool
    'tnef', and zip. I have not tested it yet as a whole, so I does not present
    it here. The script could also call e.g. clam av to do some virus checking,
    before zipping up the files.

    What is your opionion about this?

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