Failed on the testall, during setup...

From: Jason Williams (
Date: Thu 11 Sep 2003 - 01:02:36 GMT

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    Hello everyone..

    Im getting my server prepped for anomy and spamassassin.
    I was reading the docs on how to install anomy and came to the part where
    to run the ./ script...

    Everything was going well but I did receive an error during the test

    Checking prerequisites... ok.
    Running tests ...

    sanitizer.appledouble: ok
    sanitizer.bad_html: ok
    sanitizer.base64: ok
    sanitizer.boundary: ok
    sanitizer.defaults: ok ok
    sanitizer.filenames: failed (moved result files to results.def)
    sanitizer.force_hdr: ok
    sanitizer.forwarded: ok
    sanitizer.fprotd: SKIPPED: F-Prot not installed. ok
    sanitizer.logging: ok
    sanitizer.mime_depth: ok
    sanitizer.msg-crlf: ok
    sanitizer.partial: ok
    sanitizer.pgptext: ok
    sanitizer.plugin: ok
    sanitizer.rev1_58: ok
    sanitizer.rev1_60: ok
    sanitizer.rfc822: ok
    sanitizer.uu-rfc822: ok
    simplify.multipart: ok

    F-Prot is not installed, so no need.

    But, sanitizer.filenames came up with a problem..
    I read the CHANGELOG file and could not seem to find a reason as to why
    .filenames failed.
    I thought i'd ask here first, see if anyone had similar experiences with
    this and what they did to resolve it.


    OS: OpenBSD 3.3
    Perl: 5.8
    Anomy: 1.63

    Im reading over the output files that were generated for .filenames, but
    cant seem to find a problem...

    Any suggestions?


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