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From: Geoff Seeley (
Date: Thu 04 Sep 2003 - 16:08:33 GMT

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    Hi Noal,

    I'm getting a similar message (see my posting on 8.14.2003 in the archives) but
    I have yet to figure it out. I was guessing permission problems as well and I
    tried a few modifications to the script without luck.

    The *weird* thing is that sometimes it works! but most of the time I get the
    3328 error code and like you, and no output in the debug log :(

    Another weird think is if I manually run the "saved" attachment through the
    script as the low-level user, it will convert it whereas it previously failed
    through Anomy...


    On Wednesday, September 03, 2003 9:12 PM [GMT+8=PST], <> wrote:

    > Hi,
    > I'm trying to get the script to work and I'm
    > running into
    > a file permissions problem. I get nothing from the tnef logging file
    > (so I guess it isn't getting far enough into the script for any
    > output) but I get
    > an Unknown exit code: 3328 in the anomy logs which I think I've
    > tracked down
    > to being system error 13 (divide the perl exit status by 256) which is
    > Permission denied. After looking at all the permissions, the one
    > that seems most likely is that the attachment that is saved by anomy
    > is saved with user
    > rw on the user whose email message it is. So in some ways it makes
    > sense
    > that something else can't read it, but I have no trouble getting the
    > virus scanner to read and deal with them and I can't see that it's
    > got any special privs.
    > So if anyones got any ideas about what to look at, what to try or
    > where I
    > might be able to find more info on privs when one program calls
    > another etc
    > I'd really appreciate it.
    > cheers,
    > noel

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