file permissions and

Date: Thu 04 Sep 2003 - 04:12:35 GMT

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    I'm trying to get the script to work and I'm running into
    a file permissions problem. I get nothing from the tnef logging file (so I
    guess it isn't getting far enough into the script for any output) but I get
    an Unknown exit code: 3328 in the anomy logs which I think I've tracked down
    to being system error 13 (divide the perl exit status by 256) which is
    Permission denied. After looking at all the permissions, the one that seems
    most likely is that the attachment that is saved by anomy is saved with user
    rw on the user whose email message it is. So in some ways it makes sense
    that something else can't read it, but I have no trouble getting the virus
    scanner to read and deal with them and I can't see that it's got any special

    So if anyones got any ideas about what to look at, what to try or where I
    might be able to find more info on privs when one program calls another etc
    I'd really appreciate it.



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