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From: Martin Hogg PHR (
Date: Mon 01 Sep 2003 - 22:25:06 GMT

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    Hi, my Sanitizer system has just stopped working after a year of flawless
    operation. I now get an "unknown exit code 256" for all emails received:
    SanitizeFile (filename="unnamed.txt", mimetype="text/plain"):

    Match (rule="2"):

    ScanFile (file="/var/quarantine/att-unnamed.txt-3f53b89f.3M"):

    Unknown exit code: 256

    Enforced policy: defang

    I have tried the simple things of verifying the state of the configuration
    files, reinstalled the software etc. But at the moment, I haven't a clue
    where I should be looking to try and solve the problem. I have also tried
    upgrading to the latest version - I didn't expect it to fix the problem, and
    it didn't.. Any pointers?


    Martin Hogg

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