Questions about anonmy

From: Jason Williams (
Date: Mon 25 Aug 2003 - 16:24:08 GMT

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    Hello everyone...

    I have a couple of questions about anomy and it's use on a production
    server environment.
    As it currently stands, I am looking at both anomy as well as amavisd-new
    to put on our mail server in our company to add some protection for my clients.

    I was hoping that someone could answer a few questions for me abou the
    pro's and con's of anomy.

    First, this is the setup I am working on:

    I'm setting up our mail server to run on Red Hat 7.3 with Postfix 2.0.14. I
    am going to put SpamAssassin on this mail server as well.
    I am going to setup Maildir/ for my users as I am implementing a IMAP setup.

    The Mail server is not going to be on the DMZ. I am setting up a Mail
    Gateway server on our DMZ, running OpenBSD 3.3 and postfix to forward all
    email requests to our intranet mail server.

    My network currently consists of about 40 users, with growth to about 80 by
    the end of the year.
    I would guess to say that we receive and send email around the 10,000 mark
    at this time. Just a guestimate.

    What I want is a very efficient, reliable setup that can 'scan' incoming
    and outgoing email for potential 'viruses'. Specifically, I want stuff like
    .scr, .pif, .bat, .exe attachments dropped right at the door with no if
    ands or butts...just drop it, but if possible, have the email still sent to
    the user, without the attachment...

    I originally put up a Postfix +Amavisd-new + Spamassassin +ClamAV mail
    server in our test environment, but I felt that this setup could have the
    potential to have problems.

    Thus, I want to go with a very easy setup, yet extremely effective.
    Basically, 'fire and forget' type of philosophy. Basically, I can put up
    the mail server and wont have to worry about it. I just need to do my daily
    duties as a mail admin, not tweak all sorts of software consistently.

    Lastly, the specs on the macine:

    Pentium Xeon 2.8ghz CPU (Slot for a second one)
    2gigs RAM
    (3) 36.6gig 320 SCSI drives, configured with ServRAID in a RAID 5 setup
    (Slots for 3 more drives, for a total of 6)

    Can anyone answer some of my questions and let me know what to expect?
    I am very curious about anomy and I really look forward to hearing replies
    from everyone here.

    Than you.


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