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From: Geoff Seeley (
Date: Thu 14 Aug 2003 - 16:01:42 GMT

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    I'm having an occasional problem with the latest script
    (v0.04) under the latest version of Anomy (v1.63).

    I say "occasional" because some of the time it works fine and I see this in
    the log:

      Part (pos="2211"):
        SanitizeFile (filename="winmail.dat", mimetype="application/ms-tnef"):
          Match (names="winmail.dat", rule="3"):
            ScanFile (file="/var/quarantine/att-3f2abe46-PXS-winmail.dat"):
              Converted to MIME from the original TNEF file

    Enforced policy: accept ----

    However, about 50% of the time(?) I see this error:

    ---- Part (pos="2413"): SanitizeFile (filename="WINMAIL.DAT, winmail.dat", mimetype="application/ms-tnef"): Match (names="WINMAIL.DAT, winmail.dat", rule="3"): ScanFile (file="/var/quarantine/att-3f2fbcf1-MFZ-WINMAIL.DAT"): Unknown exit code: 3328

    Enforced policy: save ----

    Now the weird thing is if I run the script by hand on the file above that exited with an error, it seems to convert the attachment just fine. Here is the output:

    ---- Sanitizer (start="1060876514"): Replaced MIME boundary: >>----------=_1060876514-27555-0<< with: >>MIMEStream=_0+51721_1933270243520_10864657837<< Writer (pos="136"): Total modifications so far: 1

    Anomy-FileScan-Description: Converted to MIME from the original TNEF file Anomy-FileScan-NewName: mime-27555 Anomy-FileScan-NewFile: /var/tmp/mime-27555 Anomy-FileScan-NewType: multipart/mixed Anomy-FileScan-NewEnc: binary ----

    I tried to turn on the stderr logging in the newest version of the script, but even if I crate the logfile with world writable access, I never see anything output to this log...

    I am invoking the sanitizer for all incoming email using the global /etc/procmailrc file that contains:

    ---- # Global procmailrc for all users

    # ---------- SANITIZE THE EMAIL ---------

    VERBOSE=no LOGABSTRACT=all LOGFILE=/var/log/procmail-sanitizer.log ANOMY=/usr/local/anomy



    :0 fw:/tmp/sanitizer_$LOGNAME$LOCKEXT | $ANOMY/bin/ $ANOMY/sanitizer.cfg ----

    Any ideas?

    Thanks Geoff

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