Re: Performance problem with postfix, ( and spamassassin

From: Robert de Bath (robert$
Date: Tue 05 Aug 2003 - 20:08:23 GMT

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    On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, list wrote:

    > I am the moment receiving a lot of mail bounces. Apparently somebody is
    > spamming and using my domain as from address.
    > Anyway when this happens my rather modest server(in terms of hardware) is
    > unable to keep up with the load and bounces mail.
    > The problems seems to be that postfix keeps starting instances of
    > spamassassin.
    > Are there a way to limit the number of concurrent spamassasin postfix will
    > pipe to.
    > (In order to to minimize the problem I have tried to use spamd/c but I do
    > not know wheter it is sufficient)
    > BTW
    > Does anyone know wheter I am the target of a DOS or whether I am just
    > unlucky beeing used as spam origin.

    Just a thought, but surely if you're gonna bounce the message anyway you
    don't really care if it's spam or not. One minor thing though, if your
    domain is being used as a 'random' Envelope-from it'd probably be best
    if you minimise the bounces, ie: only bounce a few key headers and the
    'received:' lines, not the whole message.

    PS: I seem to have the same problem, but it's only about 500 messages
        a day and as I don't scan bounces all it really does is put a blip
        on the logs.

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