Re: Strange problem with tnet2multipart.

From: Derrick Webber (
Date: Tue 22 Jul 2003 - 00:32:48 GMT

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    list wrote:

    > System Suse 7.2 perl 5.6 anomy 1.63 tnef2multipart 0.3.
    > I have set up a system as desribed by Advosys with postfix spamassasin and
    > above mentioned components.
    > In tnef2multipart it is stated that:
    > file_list_1 = (?i)(winmail.dat)
    > file_list_2_policy = accept:drop:drop:drop
    > file_list_2_scanner = 0:::/usr/local/bin/ %FILENAME
    > I belive that the first line in a typo so i changed it to:
    > file_list_2 = (?i)(winmail.dat)
    > file_list_2_policy = accept:drop:drop:drop
    > file_list_2_scanner = 0:::/usr/local/bin/ %FILENAME

    Thanks for pointing out the typo. We fixed it.

    > Anyway:
    > When i call tnet2multipart from the commandline with winmail.dat a resonable
    > output is produced.
    > BUT when it is called via the sanitizer (incoming mail) it somehow dies. All
    > I can see in the error log is a exitcode of 65280,
    > I have traced the problem to that tnef2multipart is called OK but it dies
    > silently somewhere in the TNEF::Convert.
    > Besides that I am out of clues.

    An exit code of 65280 sounds like something returned by a system()
    call... ie. the open() call in tnef2multipart that re-injects the output
    back into the sanitizer. Perhaps a file permission problem?

    It's difficult to debug external scanners in Anomy as it seems to always
    throw away the standard error of the scanner program. Unless the scanner
    has the ability to log to a file, it seems you have to guess.

    So to make tnef2multipart easier to debug, we've added an option to log
    errors to a file. Hopefully this will let you see exactly what's
    happening on your system.

    Version 0.04 is now available at Uncomment line
    55 to turn on the logging.

      Derrick Webber
      Advosys Consulting Inc. Ottawa

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