Logging and optimize

From: James Nonya (
Date: Wed 16 Jul 2003 - 16:49:47 GMT

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    Hey all!

    Real quick...wanted a way to log my minimum
    spam that hits at least 5 is spam, if it hits 7 it
    gets sidelined. I added a:

    if $EGREP -q -m 1 "^X-Spam-Level: \*{5}" < out.$$
            logger /var/log/messages Spam Email Recieved
    Right before the initial spam check and it seems to
    work fine. Now all I have to do is grep my messages
    file monthly for "Spam Email Recieved" and I'll have a
    total count that SA found including ones that were
    still send.

    Lastly, adding that -m 1 optimized in all my $EGREP
    lines helped to speed things up a bit...since
    X-Spam-Level would only appear once at the start of an
    out.$$ file, there was no need to keep checking the
    rest of the message. Thoughts on this?


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