Re: Sanitizer.cfg question

From: Derrick Webber (
Date: Mon 30 Jun 2003 - 15:11:29 GMT

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    Henry Mason wrote:

    > James;
    > I have a setup where I use Postfix's content filtering to
    > route through Spamassassin and Anomy as per Advosys's how-to:
    > However, we have the same problem you have - different clients
    > have different filtering needs. So I created multiple filter
    > users, and assigned multiple IP addresses to the filter server.
    > Thus I have different 'filter personalities' that I can use for
    > different clients, simply by routing the mail to a different IP.
    > Postfix delivers the mail through a different filter user for
    > each IP, and each has it's own configuration.

    Another way would be to modify the script to extract the
    recipient e-mail address or domain, and apply different anomy config
    files based on that. Postfix provides the recipient in the $4 parameter
    passed to the filter script.

    We've uploaded a to our web site that allows domain-specific
    Anomy config files. It's not extensively tested, but hopefully will be
    useful as an example. See

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