Re: Header Info

From: Yancey B. Jones (
Date: Mon 23 Jun 2003 - 20:08:38 GMT

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    > By default three headers are added:
    > X-Sanitizer: This message has been sanitized!
    > X-Sanitizer-URL:
    > X-Sanitizer-Rev: .... version info ...
    > If they aren't added on your installation, then that's probably
    > because you've changed the values of the header_info, header_url or
    > header_rev variables. Unless of course there's a bug somewhere. :-)

    I used a pre made config file by Advosys (I think that was the name). I
    just upgraded to the latest version and just wanted to see if there was an
    easy way to verify the version number in the header without changing the
    configuration each time.


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