Announcing, revision 1.62

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Thu 19 Jun 2003 - 19:51:57 GMT

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    Hi all,

    There's a new on the web, get it from

    This release is mostly a bug-fix release, I'm trying to get as many
    of the recently reported issues under better control.


      - The script now detects the Unicode problem and
        gives instructions (tells people to read the new UNICODE.TXT

      - The testcases work on FreeBSD 4.6.2 now, reports from other
        *BDS platforms are welcome.
      - The HTML cleaner has been tweaked so it doesn't get stuck in
        endless loops on Perl 5.00503. I hope!

      - The HTML cleaner now knows how to insert "beautification" tags
        when certain other tags are defanged. The default sanitizer
        config tells it to insert <P> whenever it defangs a <DIV>.
      - Content-Description and Content-ID headers are now recognized
        and the sanitizer tries to do something reasonably smart with
      - The MIME parser tolerates even more broken MIME.

    Enjoy, please let me know how it works! :-)

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