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From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Wed 18 Jun 2003 - 13:57:31 GMT

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    I'm sharing this with the mailing list, in case other people have
    similar questions:

    On 2003-06-06, 14:01:53 (+0200), Ralph Punga-Kronbergs wrote:
    > Hi Bjarni,
    > thanks for your great program anomy sanitizer!
    > Just one question: Is it possible to configure
    > anomy like, that a log will be only appended
    > (multipart, not inline) to the mail if a change to
    > the email has been done (e.g. defang, mangle, save,
    > drop, mime, html..) ?
    > So that a simple textmail wouldn't be altered
    > at all and mails where changes have been done
    > by anomy would get a sanitizer.log as appendix...

    This can be done by wrapping the sanitizer with a script which
    first saves the original message to disk and only uses the
    output from Anomy if some sort of critical modification has been
    made. Modifications can be detected by either grepping Anomy's
    log output (sent it to STDERR, grep that) or setting the
    "score_bad" variable to something low and checking the program's
    exit code.

    Anomy itself processes the messages as a stream - it has no way to
    backtrack and undo the changes after the fact if no security risks
    are found.

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