re: html type of messages are unchecked?

From: Derrick Webber (
Date: Tue 17 Jun 2003 - 03:32:29 GMT

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    >I would like to ask about configuration of sanitizer.
    >I am using sanitizer 1.49 (Debian woody).
    >When I receive email composed in Outlook with type set as plain text
    >with *.exe attachment sanitizer works well (drop, defang or save exe
    >file). But when I receive email composed in type html with the same
    >*.exe sanitizer did not manipulate it. I have no X-Sanitizer
    >"marks" in email header.
    >I try to change various combinations of feat_fixmime, feat_html,
    >feat_uuencoded but it has no influence.

    When you send formatted text (ie. HTML e-mail) in Outlook, it likes to
    encapsulate everything in the infamous "TNEF" format. The message body and
    all attachments get encased in a proprietary file format that Anomy can't
    read (more details about TNEF here: )

    You should ask the sender to please turn off that horrible mis-feature in
    their copy of Outlook. Instructions are on
    search for knowledge base articles KB196784 and KB138053.

    If the sender can't or won't turn off the TNEF option, you could try our
    little tnef2multipart Perl script. It plugs into Anomy and converts TNEF to
    normal MIME so Anomy can process it. Available here:

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