Re: content-type defanging

From: Brian Dube (
Date: Wed 11 Jun 2003 - 20:46:21 GMT

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    My previous post:

    I thought I changed everything back the way it was before this problem 
    started, but it's still causing trouble. Normal inline text messages 
    are now being rewritten with Content-Type: application/DEFANGED so that 
    no mail client I have available can display the text inline. This 
    doesn't happen when I change file_default_policy to accept, but this 
    was kept at defang even before this problem started. 

    Linux 2.2.22, Sanitizer 1.60, procmail 3.13.1, Postfix 20010228 ---

    Just in case I wasn't clear, I did not mean text attachments. The Content-Type header for normal messages is being mangled so that the text cannot be displayed inline. Even with file_default_policy set to defang, the problem does not occur if I use the default rules and leave file_list_rules at the default of 15. If I define any rules or change file_list_rules to 0, the content-type is mangled.

    Any ideas?

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