Re: Anomy won't run on Redhat 9, Perl 5.8

Date: Fri 16 May 2003 - 07:30:49 GMT

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       I know that this has been discussed here before, and the issues are
       caused by the same character set issues that cause compiles to fail on
       SpamAssassin, et al.
       It seems specific to Perl 5.8.0 and RH 9 for now.

       For a fix, you could "export LANG=en_US" before trying the tests, or
       better, edit /etc/sysconfig/i18n to look like:


       for a more permanent solution.

       YMMV, but once I got rid of all of that utf8 stuff, all of my perl
       problems with RH9 disappeared.

       Anyway, this is not my solution, I just got it off google groups, but
       I cannot find the particular thread where I first saw this answer (its
       in many though).
       You will note that this will also make CPAN work again. Without this
       fix, "install Bundle::CPAN" will fail on compile, as well as Net::CMD,
       Mail::SpamAssassin, and Digest::MD5, although surprisingly,
       Digest::SHA1 compiled just fine before I found out this fix.

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       To: Kunal Rupera <>
       From: Ryan van Rensburg <>
       Date: 05/16/2003 02:13AM
       Subject: Re: [anomy-list]: Anomy won't run on Redhat 9, Perl 5.8
       Have attached my results.def folder and results.txt says wich ones fai
       Kunal Rupera wrote:
    >i run anomy safely with postfix on redhat 9 for my mail server.
    >btw can u just paste ur errors so that we know what deps are failed ?

    >-------- Original Message --------
    >==> From: Ryan van Rensburg <>
    >==> Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 07:37:40 0200
    >Hi All
    >Desperately need to go live with a new server, the only thing is that
    >I can't get any of the testcases to succeed. The pre-requisites are
    >there. I saw the problem being experienced by some with 2 of the test
    >cases failing with Perl 5.8, in my case all of them fail. Is there a
    >way to get it running on a previous version of Perl and if so how?
    >Running Redhat 9, Sanitizer 1.59, Perl 5.8.
    >Many Thanks
    >-- Ryan van Rensburg IT Support Manager Intoweb Design
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