Announcing, revision 1.58

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Thu 08 May 2003 - 16:56:08 GMT

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    I just packaged and uploaded revision 1.58 of the Anomy Sanitizer to


     - Quite a few small tweaks to the MIME parser engine, to handle
       more types of broken MIME better.

     - Added caching to the QP encode/decode routines, to decrease the
       number of times that the recoding breaks/corrupts things.
     - Fixed most of the bugs reported to me during the past few months.

    Further information can be found, in excruciating detail, in the

    Some of the MIME changes were pretty exciting, so please keep your
    eyes open and let me know if I broke something.

    And have I asked you all to go buy F-Prot Antivirus? No? What a
    silly oversight... ;-)

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