[patch] feat_force_name and text/html

From: David Santinoli (
Date: Tue 29 Apr 2003 - 16:58:58 GMT

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    Hi all,
      the included patch modifies the behaviour of the feat_force_name
    configuration directive, preventing both text/plain and text/html
    MIME parts from being assigned a name when feat_force_name == 1.

    This circumvents an Outlook visualization bug I discussed in previous
    messages - named text/html parts are considered attachments and thus
    are not displayed inline, unlike unnamed text/html parts; these
    "unexpected" attachments often confuse Outlook users.

    As a side effect, the patch also fixes a documentation discordance,
    since the description of feat_force_name given in anomy/sanitizer.html

      "Force all parts (except text/html parts) to have file names"

    disagreed with the one in anomy/bin/Anomy/

      "Force all parts (except text/plain parts) to have file names".


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