how to always attach logs?

From: Andreas Wagner (
Date: Wed 26 Mar 2003 - 08:49:46 GMT

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    Hi list,
    second question:
    i noticed that anomy's log are sometimes inline and sometimes attached.
    I have set
      feat_log_inline = 1
    and i understand that a 2 would force them inline all the time. (Which
    rule for 'sometimes' is followed now? logs are attached when there are
    already attachments present and inline if it's only plaintext?) I have
    tried a 0 and think i remember that this didn't give me any log at all.
    Is there a way of forcing the logs to be attached all the time?

    hmmm, i have two more questions, but they both concern logging as well,
    so i'll just put them here:

    - Can i make a certain rule work without logging? I have f-prot scanning
      everything as a first rule but it's boring (and makes me pay less
      attention to the logs) to see that it has found nothing again and

    - Logging to STDOUT goes to procmail's log if i launch anomy by procmail,
      right? - yes, you're right, i should just try it...

    TIA again,

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