how not to defang app/mime?

From: Andreas Wagner (
Date: Wed 26 Mar 2003 - 08:38:05 GMT

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    Hi list,
    i am just setting up anomy to fit in my SpamAssassin/Postfix/AVMailGate
    setup. I'm launching it via procmail and i'm using f-prot (sbe) to scan
    everything first. I have rtfm but still have several questions and
    here is the first one:

    I regularly get pgp-signed mails that are application/pgp and defanged
    so that i
    - have to browse/cat/less it via the attachment list instead of viewing
      it inline.
    - cannot verify the signature.
    - On the other hand, they are trusted like i want them to be, it says:
    > WARNING: Unsanitized (signed or encrypted) content follows:
      right at the beginning of unnamed_file.DEFANGED-58228

    Isn't there a way of leaving that MimeType alone?

    here's the (i think) relevant parts of my anomy.conf:
      feat_testing = 0
      feat_boundaries = 0
      feat_files = 1
      feat_fixmime = 1
      feat_forcename = 1
      feat_no_partial = 1
      feat_trust_pgp = 1
      msg_pgp_warning = WARNING: Unsanitized (signed or encrypted) content


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