Re: tnef2multipart winmail.dat convertor

From: Rick Johnson (
Date: Thu 13 Mar 2003 - 01:13:48 GMT

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    Derrick Webber wrote:
    > Greetings.
    > We've released a little winmail.dat-to-MIME convertor for Anomy Sanitizer.
    > "tnef2multipart" plugs into Anomy as a scanner... it converts attachments
    > buried in an Outlook winmail.dat TNEF file into a multipart MIME section
    > that can be read by non-MS mail clients.
    > It seems to work well in our testing. Suggestions for improvement welcome.

    Giving this a try in our config. We don't get too many TNEF attachments
    since we don't allow Outlook type clients on our network.

    Any chance this might get added to the "contrib" folder for the next release?


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