RE: Virus statistics

From: Noel Clarkson (
Date: Tue 25 Feb 2003 - 02:26:14 GMT

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    > On Friday, January 24, 2003 8:59 AM, list [] wrote:
    > I am wondering if it is somehow possible to gather statistics/information on
    > the viruses found by the virusscanner called by sanitizer.
    > Regards
    > Jesper

    We run 1.34 and 1.49 here for the very reason of getting virus
    statistics. In 1.34, you used to get a virus name back fromn the virus
    scanner that was then put in the log. We started testing 1.49 due to
    some problems we were having, and when I looked at the virus logs, no
    longer were there any virus names mentioned, just that a virus was found
    and dealt with. As a result of this (and because 1.49 did not seem to
    effect the other problems we were having) we haven't moved from 1.34
    except for those that are testing new versions (which is only 2 of us).
      I have enquired in the past about how to get the virus names back in
    the log and have had a small look at the code (but I'm not really a perl
    programmer and I don't have that much time to spend on this problem at
    the moment) because both versions are using the same virus scanner in
    the same way, so it must be possible to get the virus names into the log

    I'm not sure that really helps you, but no one else had responded and at
    least it might give you an idea about where to start. We use McAfee
    virus scanner by the way, I presume that the virus scanner you use needs
    to send the info about what virus it found back otherwise anomy won't be
    able to report it anyway.

    Oh as for stats, for my situation I wrote a simple perl script that goes
    through the log and counts the number of viruses and which ones and who
    got them etc that can be done by month, year, current week etc, which is
    enough info to keep my bosses happy.



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