Re: The dreaded <FIXED_DIV> tag ????

Date: Thu 23 Jan 2003 - 16:46:18 GMT

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    Agreed, change both <DIV> and </DIV> to <BR>, better yet.

    But up to Bjarni if he feels like doing it... OT.

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    Or better yet, can we replace it with <BR> That seems like the best
    substitute for it. With the <P> </P> tags you get extra space between
    the lines. I agree that M$ seems to be using the <FIXED_DIV> when other
    much more simple HTML would suffice.

    On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 05:38, wrote:
    How about replacing <FIXED_DIV optional crud></FIXED_DIV> with <P></P>?

    For some obscure Microsoftish reason <FIXED_DIV> is often used as <P>, so
    might display better.

    Oliver Tickell.

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    On 2003-01-22, 12:51:38 (-0500), Benjamin M Wall wrote:
    HEllo all,

    I am not subscribed to the list so please reply to me directly.

    Can someone give me a reason why the <FIXED_DIV> tag is `defanged' from HTML
    email. I know that HTML mail is bad, I know that it sucks, but the
    has been around since HTML 3.0 so why is anomy stripping it?

    This is actually a workaround to avoid a display bug with Eudora mail
    clients, when the CSS-styles are defanged. Eudora would for some odd
    reason make semi-random parts of the message simply disappear.

    This was easily reproduced, since alot of Outlook 2000 clients would
    send messages triggering this behavior.

    Defanging the DIV tags made the problem go away, and since it didn't
    cause much other damage (AFAIK) that is now the default behavior.

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