Re: Attachments get corrupted

Date: Tue 14 Jan 2003 - 10:30:42 GMT

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    I have a similar problem wiith certain multi-part MIME emails.

    What happens is that - as far as I can tell - Anomy sometimes inserts a
    blank line into a second-level MIME multipart header (one within the email
    body), immediately before the boundary is defined, so taking the boundary
    definition out of the second level header. Subsequent instances of the MIME
    boundary are then not recognised and the MIME is effectively broken.

    This behaviour is as far as I can tell independent of Spam Assassin, in that
    it happens to emails not recognised as spam. I am also doing a few other
    things to mail (via procmail), such as putting it through |cat-s (which
    reduces multiple blank lines to a single blank line), |sed to cut spaces and
    >s from the start of lines, but I cannot see how this could be responsible.

    Strange thing is how this regularly happens to mail from some people, but
    not from others. I think Anomy may have some kind of sensitivity to certain
    MIME formats. Any insights welcome...

    Oliver Tickell.

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    I use Procmail, SpamAssassin and Anomy for sanitizing mail.

    From time to time a mail gets corrupted when going through the mail system:
    the attachments of the mail do not remain attachments but get into the mail
    body (and show up base64-encoded in the mail clients).

    The corrupted mails are always forwarded mails (i.e. someone attaches an
    other mail to his own, the first having also attachments.), and always are
    marked by Spam Assassin as spam.

    Is it SpamAssassin or Anomy that corrupts these mails?

    Did anyone find a similar problem?

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