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Date: Tue 14 Jan 2003 - 05:52:29 GMT

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    Maybe this has something to do with it?
    From the Spamassassin faq:

    1.6. Messages get corrupted when marked as spam

     This happens by default in v2.43 and before with HTML and encoded
    (base64, quoted-printable, etc) messages. SpamAssassin "defangs" the
    message so that, for example, viewing an HTML spam won't trigger a web
    bug letting the author know the message has been read.

    If you want to disable the defang behavior, you should use the trifecta
    of spamassassin reporting:

           report_header { 0 | 1 } (default: 0)
               By default, SpamAssassin will include its report in the body
               of suspected spam. Enabling this causes the report to go in
               the headers instead. Using 'use_terse_report' with this is

           use_terse_report { 0 | 1 } (default: 0)
               By default, SpamAssassin uses a fairly long report format.
               Enabling this uses a shorter format which includes all the
               information in the normal one, but without the superfluous

           defang_mime { 0 | 1 } (default: 1)
               By default, SpamAssassin will change the Content-type:
               header of suspected spam to "text/plain". This is a safety
               feature. If you prefer to leave the Content-type header
               alone, set this to 0.

     So put this in your user_prefs or file:

      report_header 1
      use_terse_report 1
      defang_mime 0

    On Mon, 2003-01-13 at 22:46, wrote:
    > I use Procmail, SpamAssassin and Anomy for sanitizing mail.
    > >From time to time a mail gets corrupted when going through the mail system: the attachments of the mail do not remain attachments but get into the mail body (and show up base64-encoded in the mail clients).
    > The corrupted mails are always forwarded mails (i.e. someone attaches an other mail to his own, the first having also attachments.), and always are marked by Spam Assassin as spam.
    > Is it SpamAssassin or Anomy that corrupts these mails?
    > Did anyone find a similar problem?

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