Re: Anomy testcases on FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE

Date: Tue 14 Jan 2003 - 02:47:03 GMT

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    There is a line "let FAILED = FAILED + 1" in; correct it as
    FAILED = "$FAILED" + 1

    There are many things to do when you install a new version of Anomy on
    FreeBSD. What is most annoying for me is that they are little things which
    could be easily solved by Anomy if it used a syntax that is more widely

    I used to make these changes as follows:
    Keep all files of the old Anomy version (which worked well), and compare any
    single file of the new version to the old, working one. When I find a difference, I
    decide if it needs some correction (like the /usr/local/bin/bash issue you
    Thus I mainly do the same old corrections all over again, anytime I install a
    new version of Anomy.

    There is also a small change needed in sanitizer.cfg, if you use the built-in
    macro scanner of Anomy (this caused the unknown exit code errors for me
    Correct this:
    file_list_4_scanner = 0:1:2:builtin 25
    to this:
    file_list_4_scanner = 0:1:2:builtin/macro 25
    (where 4 may be a different number in your case)


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