qmail + procmail + anomy setup

From: Mike Morrell (
Date: Sat 11 Jan 2003 - 21:00:54 GMT

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      I am in the process of switching over to qmail from sendmail and trying
    to get anomy working. I am able to run sanitizer from the command line
    and it successfully sanitizes emails. When I use procmail to pass off
    the email to sanitizer the logs show sanitizer working but I end up with
    two emails. One email is named msg.something in my ~/.maildir that has
    been sanitized but I also get another copy of the email, without
    sanitization, in my ~/.maildir/new under the standard qmail file naming
      Of course when I check my email I only see the un-sanitized version in
    my inbox. I understand that the msg.something naming is coming from
    procmail but how do I force procmail to only create one, sanitized email
    with the standard qmail naming?

    qmail v1.03-r8
    procmail v3.22-r5
    sanitizer v1.57



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