Re: Problem with Anomy/Postfix/SpamAssassin

From: Lucas Peet (
Date: Wed 06 Nov 2002 - 05:23:55 GMT

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    I managed to (sort-of) fix the problem. It's a hack, and will probably
    cause problems in the future, but here is what I did:

    In the script, I changed:

    cat | $SPAMASSASSIN -x | $ANOMY/bin/ \
       $ANOMY_CONF 2>>/tmp/anomy.log > out.$$ || \
       { echo Message content rejected; exit $EX_UNAVAILABLE; }


    cat | $SPAMASSASSIN -x | $ANOMY/bin/ \
       $ANOMY_CONF 2>>/tmp/anomy.log > out.$$

    So, I basically took off the error checking - it seems the '||' ('or')
    was causing problems of some kind - though I'm not sure why. But
    messages with attachments seem to be sending properly, and dropping
    'questionable' files as it should.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to turn on the error checking again, I'd
    appreciate some input!!



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