Re: Anomy + F-Prot for Linux

From: Bjarni R. Einarsson (
Date: Tue 05 Nov 2002 - 10:49:34 GMT

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    On 2002-11-04, 17:40:50 (-0600), wrote:
    > I have a quick question that I haven't been able to answer briefly
    > searching through the list archives and glancing at the code. I just
    > purchased F-Prot for Linux, and I'm running the daemonized version. Is
    > there a simple way to configure anomy to use the client and scan _all_
    > attachments with F-Prot? The following is an excerpt from my configuration
    > that doesn't appear to work. This could be a straightforward
    > misunderstanding on my part.

    The most recent Sanitizer has built-in support for the F-Prot daemon,
    which is enabled if you invike like so: -fprotd <other args...)

    This adds to the default configuration a rule (number 2) which will
    scan all attachments not blocked by rule number 2, using the daemon.
    At the moment this feature requires that the Perl LWP modules be
    present on the system, but I hope to optimize that requirement away
    before the next release.

    If you are using a custom configuration (not the default) then
    passing the -fprotd argument and adding a rule similar to the
    following should work:

     file_list_2_scanner = 0:1:2:builtin/fprotd %FILENAME -archive -ai -dumb
     file_list_2_policy = unknown:mangle:mangle:defang
     file_list_2 = .*

    What you are trying to do below should work as well, but using the
    built-in interface of the sanitizer will provide you with more
    detailed logs, including the name of the infection if any is present.

    > -- cut anomy.conf --
    > ...
    > file_list_rules = 1
    > file_default_policy = defang
    > file_default_filename = unnamed.file
    > file_list_1_scanner = 0:6:3,8:/usr/local/f-prot/f-protc %FILENAME
    > file_list_1_policy = unknown:unknown:mangle:defang
    > file_list_1 = .*
    > ...
    > -- cut anomy.conf --

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