Re: RE: Anomy and Macs

From: Adam Harper (
Date: Thu 24 Oct 2002 - 08:20:24 GMT

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    > Oliver Tickell wrote:
    > what about .vcf? The subject of recent discussion on the list...

    Good point, I dont know why that wasnt on there, but it is now, thanks for
    the reminder.

    > Oliver Tickell wrote:
    > BTW what does the last line do: (\.g?z|\d?)*)$

    The last line will (I think, I'm a bit rusty with regular expressions)
    remove files like:

    - test.exe.z
    - test.exe.gz
    - test.exe.z.gz
    - test.exe.z.bz1 (where '1' is any single numerical character)

    This seems a bit useless, especially for Windows users, but it doesnt hurt
    to have it there :-) wrote:
    > I would never drop a winmail.dat, mdb, or mde file (rather save them);
    otherwise Adam's lis is great.

    For general use that is probably a better policy, I should have mentioned it
    in my original email. Although personnaly I've only ever encountered a
    'winmail.dat' file once, considering most of our incoming emails originate
    from Microsoft Exchange servers I should probably count myself as lucky :-)

    Adam Harper

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